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Saint Mary’s Parish in Boise Idaho is a truly great and vibrant community of faith-filled men, women, and children.

St. Mary's Catholic Community / Comunidad Católica De Santa María

Live Streaming

An Invitation from St. Mary’s Catholic Church

 “Join” us on Facebook Tuesday – Friday at 8:30am and Saturday at 5:00pm to watch live.
If you miss these times, look for the posts on Facebook following the live event. (We are hoping to have the link posted on our website for those who do not have a Facebook account.)

La misa diaria se transmite en vivo de jueves a viernes a las 8:30am en inglés. Los invitamos a que vean la misa en vivo los domingos a las 12:45pm. Presione la primera opción en letras azules.

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Please keep our churches and priests in your prayers as we continue to work through these changing times


Dear Friends in Christ,

Because we are people of faith, we believe we have (T)ruth. This is God’s truth, eternal, immutable and saving truth. We have access to Truth. This is Truth with a capital T. This is God’s Truth, eternal immutable and saving truth.

We feeble creatures, we human beings, can only hope to aspire to little t truth. Accepting this makes us humble. And yet, this is all we have. 

Politics can only give us little t truth. But there are lots of folks running around now claiming to possess big T political truth. And that is why so many of us now, viewing the state of politics in our country are utterly miserable. You see people on social media in their comments and postings angry because their claim to big T truth is being contested.  There were societies, ancient Greece for example, who knew that big T truth existed. And that all little t truths, all human truth, needs continual purification and refinement so that it can approach in small ways ultimate truths. 

There was, for example, an obnoxious socially disruptive philosopher in Athens who lived in a giant clay pot. Instead of viewing him and treating him as a nuisance, the Athenians showed him respect and deference. Even though he was a disruptive knucklehead, the Athenians hopefully waited for the pearls of wisdom that came forth from his actions and words. 

The lesson is clear. Humility demands that all arguments, all information, all insights be evaluated with reason and purified by the same. Only then can our limited perspectives, our dull vision, and feeble plans be improved. Only by adhering to the teachings of Jesus, who is the way, the life, and the truth can we even know Big T truth, God’s Truth.

Yours in Christ, Fr. John Worster

St. Mary’s Advent Calendar 2020                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                       Saturday, Nov. 28 

1st Sunday of Advent 

3:30pm- Sacrament of Reconciliation

5pm- Mass, English

7pm- La Misa, Español

Sunday, Nov. 29 1st Sunday of Advent

8:30am & 10:45am Mass, English/12:45pm, Español

Saturday, Dec. 5  2nd Sunday of Advent

3:30pm- Sacrament of Reconciliation

5pm- Mass, English

7pm- La Misa, Español

Sunday, Dec. 6 2nd Sunday of Advent

8:30am & 10:45am Mass, English 12:45pm, Español

Tuesday, Dec. 8  Feast of the Immaculate Conception

8:30am, 12pm & 6pm Mass, English

Saturday, Dec. 12 Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe,  Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

9am, 11am, 2pm, 7pm La Misa, Español

3:30pm- Sacrament of Reconciliation

5pm Mass, English

Sunday, Dec. 13  3rd Sunday of Advent 8:30am & 10:45am Mass, English/12:45pm, Español

Saturday, December 19   4th Sunday of Advent

3:30pm- Sacrament of Reconciliation

5pm- Mass, English ~ 7pm- La Misa, Español

Sunday, December 20  4th Sunday of Advent

8:30am & 10:45am Mass, English/12:45pm, Español

December 21 – January 4  School Christmas Break

Wednesday, December 23  Parish Office Closed

Thursday, Dec. 24  Christmas Eve  4pm- Mass, English,

Live-streamed on St. Mary’s Facebook page or

7pm and 10pm Mass, English

Friday, December 25 Merry Christmas!

8:30am & 10:45am Mass, English/12:45pm, Español

Friday, January 1   Feast of Mary, Mother of God

8:30am, 10:30am Mass



  • Sun, Nov 22nd

  • Sun, Nov 15th

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