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Lent begins

Posted by Monica Pittman on 2/26/20

Lent starts today.  Although Ash Wednesday is not a Holy Day of Obligation, it is certainly a beautiful start to the Lenten season and a fantastic reminder that we are sinners and need to atone. 

The ashes we receive remind us that we are sinners.  They are in the ... Read More »

Sorry Babies

Posted by Monica Pittman on 1/23/20

January 22 was declared National Sanctity of Life day.  This day comes right after the Right to Life marches and other such events bringing awareness to the abortion malady that is occurring in our world right now.  

One of our parishioners participated in the Right to Life March ... Read More »

Christmas Invitation

Posted by Monica Pittman on 12/05/19

What’s your “Mass schedule”?  Do you attend every week? Daily? Just at Christmas and Easter?  Whatever your habit is, with the Holidays coming, it is now time to think about Mass, which one to go to where to go and with whom.  Or, in other words, how you “Keep ... Read More »

Grace doesn't go away

Posted by Monica Pittman on 10/24/19

With our former pastor showing up in the news again, I felt I should repost an earlier article.  The article covers questions about the validity of the sacraments received by a priest who has left the priesthood.  In short - yes, your sacraments are very valid.  God does not ... Read More »

Not just from the mouths of babes

Posted by Monica Pittman on 9/24/19

Not only from the mouths of babes, but from their actions, too!!

Sometimes, when at Mass, it becomes extremely difficult to really concentrate on what is happening. Instead the mind wanders to everything it seems, but the Mass.  Rather than listening to the readings, thoughts are on the bills ... Read More »

My oh My! How fast a year goes by

Posted by Monica Pittman on 9/03/19

My Oh My - How fast a year goes by!!

 St. Mary’s had quite the year last year.  Some of it was excruciatingly slow and other parts are just a blur.  We had some great publicity and some was really not so great.  However, God truly does turn all ... Read More »

Pray for your enemies too

Posted by Monica Pittman on 7/08/19

It is really easy to pray for people we care about. We only want the very best for them and are not afraid to ask God to grant them whatever they need.  Daily, those we love are remembered by name in conversations with our Lord. 

What about those who ... Read More »

First (of many) Communions

Posted by Monica Pittman on 5/16/19

Just in case you haven’t noticed, there have been some First Communion Masses happening around the valley. I was, by accident, at two different churches when they had their First Communion celebrations.  While both churches did it a little different, they were both beautiful.  The children receiving their First ... Read More »

Free Will - Our Greatest Gift

Posted by Monica Pittman on 2/07/19

When God created us, He wanted us to love Him freely and without any force or coercion from Him. To achieve this, He gave us all free will.  Free will means we are able to think for ourselves, to make decisions on our own and ultimately to live with ... Read More »

Ordinary time is not necessarily normal time

Posted by Monica Pittman on 1/23/19

I spent the entire Holiday season coming up with different ideas for this blog. There are so many things to write about over the holidays: commercialism, keeping Christ in Christmas, the best sugar cookie recipe, New Year’s resolutions, really the list could go on forever!  But there is always ... Read More »