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Sorry Babies

January 22 was declared National Sanctity of Life day.  This day comes right after the Right to Life marches and other such events bringing awareness to the abortion malady that is occurring in our world right now.  

One of our parishioners participated in the Right to Life March on our cities capital and her entire family shared in a rose procession at another local church.  

She was trying to explain why they were doing all these events to her 5 year-old son and gave a very high level explanation.  This boy loves to draw and craft and make things and after hearing the explanation his mother gave him he set to work with all his craft supplies.  He made a stop-sign shaped sign that said simply “Sorry Babies”.  

When asked a couple days later to explain what the sign meant he said in all earnestness “Well, sometimes they don’t want the babies so they just let them die.”  This from the mouth of a kindergartner!  If only it was so simple for the rest of the world.

Please join me in praying for those considering abortion that God sends the Holy Spirit to bite and scratch at their conscience, their Guardian Angels to push away the darkness and His Blessed Mother to take them by the hand and lead them back to the greatest love there is –God Himself and His beautiful power of forgiveness and healing.

If you are grieving from the loss of a child through abortion there is help.  Reach out to Project Rachel at  This is the Catholic Churches ministry to those who have been involved in abortion.  They can help provide healing and counseling or direct you to where to find help in your local area.  

Sorry Babies


  • Karen SimkinsPosted on 1/25/20

    A 5-year old gets it. A stop sign ... how precious is that????!!!



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