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Not just from the mouths of babes

Not only from the mouths of babes, but from their actions, too!!

Sometimes, when at Mass, it becomes extremely difficult to really concentrate on what is happening. Instead the mind wanders to everything it seems, but the Mass.  Rather than listening to the readings, thoughts are on the bills that need to be paid.  Instead of the homily, the focus is on the football game and what the score is.  Concentration is on the person with whom there is a disagreement when it should be on preparing to receive Christ in the Eucharist. 

I believe every Catholic has had these weeks while at Mass.

This last Saturday was one of those days. Something I was hoping for did not come to fruition.  There were frustrations at home.  My thought process was different than others and it was causing some stress.  All these meaningless things were invading my thoughts and stopping me from fully participating in Mass. 

I knew it was going to be difficult to concentrate and every few minutes I found myself praying for the right state of mind, to concentrate and finally focus on the true Sacrifice of the Mass that was unfolding right in front of me.

I was having no luck. My mind kept wandering.  I received communion but not with the wonder and awe that usually accompany it.  Usually after receiving the Eucharist, I keep my eyes closed and head down to avoid the distractions of people walking back from communion.  This time I was watching and hoping to finally concentrate.  Looking and praying for something, anything to bring me some peace from my own thoughts and to help me be truly involved in Mass. 

I had given up. This particular week was not going to be as satisfying as Mass usually is.  Oh well, I thought, I have the entire week ahead of me to get through all these “things” that were invading my thoughts. 

Communion was over. The deacon gathered up all the patens and consolidated all the hosts into the ciborium, held it up and began to walk it to the tabernacle.  At this point I was simply watching what was happening. It felt a lot like someone sitting on a park bench watching the birds. I was more of an observer than a participant. 

As Our Lord was walked past the Altar Server, the young girl who was serving that evening took two seconds and bowed her head. That was the moment I needed. A two-second act of faith from an Altar Server who I have seen up there many weekends before! Watching this girl recognize the Real Presence walk past her, and giving Him the respect He deserves was simply beautiful.  My mind was instantly tuned into the Mass, I was able to pray without distraction and felt some much needed relief from the “torment” my brain was in. 

Although children may not be perfect, they do provide us with perfect moments. I am grateful that God put this girl in my line of sight at that moment.  She, I’m sure, has no idea what that two second bow meant to one woman sitting in the pews whom she has never met.  But God knows what it means, and I pray that this girl continues to be a blessing to our church.

God Bless all the Dear Children!


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