Moses also asked his people to "shelter in place"

There’s a lot of people out there trying to make sense of what is happening in the world right now.  There’s also a lot of people giving their opinions, and thoughts on how best to deal with social distancing.  I have seen article after article on how to keep my surroundings disinfected, how to keep the kids occupied, what working from home can mean to my relationship and many more.  All of these people are doing the exact same thing, and that’s trying to make the best out of a difficult situation. 


The answer is not going to be in an article, but in your own hearts and minds.  The article I read talking about relationships seemed focused on the idea that no matter what, my husband and I were going to fight.  This is actually our choice, not a pre-destined event.  We normally do really great when we are doing something together and working towards a single outcome – like how we stay sane in a world that has gone a little crazy.  So, don’t believe everything you read.  There’s so many different opinions out there, including this blog, that if you try to take them all in, you will only muddle what you are really feeling and may not handle your particular situation as well as you might have without these influences. 


I am grateful that if this must happen, that it is happening in 2020.  The first time that people were told to shelter in place was by Moses.  In the ultimate test of their faith, they had to lock themselves in their homes and wait while the Angel of Death passed over sparing only those that marked their doorways with lambs’ blood.  They did not have internet or cable TV to entertain them while they waited.  There were no cell phones to check on loved ones or neighbors.  There was only silence. 


In March of 2020, we have ways to communicate beyond our homes.  We have things to occupy our minds, so the fear of the unknown does not take such a firm hold.  We can call a friend or loved one and know we are not alone.  One part of this that has struck me is the “Spiritual Communion” we are participating in with our fellow Catholic Christians.  While we are not all in the same building, we are still worshiping together.  Whether watching a Mass on TV, or praying a rosary, or whatever else is being done to keep Sunday as a day of worship, it is done with the rest of the faithful. Just like the people of Moses, we are waiting in our homes for the worst to be over.  Just like the people of Moses, our faith is being tested and strengthened.  Believe that we are being taught something and God is doing a work.  Be still and know he is God!


  • Cyra WilsonPosted on 3/28/20

    Monica, this was awesome. You knew what to say and how to choose your words. You explained in detail what too many opinions could do to someone" mind. We will get through this with prayers and our strong Faith. Thank you.