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Lent begins

Lent starts today.  Although Ash Wednesday is not a Holy Day of Obligation, it is certainly a beautiful start to the Lenten season and a fantastic reminder that we are sinners and need to atone. 

The ashes we receive remind us that we are sinners.  They are in the shape of a cross to further remind us that we are saved.  That messy smudge of ashes certainly runs the entire spectrum of our faith.  From sinner to saved, made visible to ourselves and anyone who sees us, in one fell swoop of Father’s thumb. 

Lent is a time to reflect on the life we are living.  Where can we do better?  Perhaps more prayer time, or a more intense prayer time will improve your relationship with God.  Our bodies are God’s temple.  Is there something you can do for your health?  How about a combination of both?  There are many recordings of the Rosary.  Rather than listen to music when you work out, you could pray a rosary.  Giving up something you truly love is one way to remind us how Christ suffered.  This could be a food item, screen time, money, anything that is purely pleasure.  Each time you are tempted to do/eat/have whatever you are giving up, you can say a little prayer of thanksgiving to Christ for giving up his life for us.  The small amount of suffering we feel when we deny ourselves something is a way we can suffer with Christ as he was suffering for us.  Another thing to consider is instead of giving something up, you could do something more.  There are always places to volunteer, just call the church office and they can direct you to the places with the most need.

However you choose to reflect during Lent, know that Christ is with you and helping you through whatever you are suffering.  You are not bearing any crosses alone, but with Christ.  Carry your crosses with dignity and without complaining.  The suffering you feel is not a suffering to brag about, but to remind you of the ultimate suffering Jesus endured for our salvation.  The discomfort felt during Lent comes with the knowledge that it will all end with the Resurrection and celebration of Easter.

I wish you a Holy and Blessed Lent. 


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