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Every once in a while a homily will really strike a note with me. Last weekend was the Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary time and the gospel reading was talking about husbands loving their wives and wives obeying their husbands.  My husband was not with me this week, but in the past this gospel caused a lot of good humored elbowing and finger-pointing back and forth between us.  Because of the reading, I was particularly interested in what would be said about it.  Here’s what I took away from that homily:

Fr. Jesus Camacho talked about our faith. He mentioned three questions to ask ourselves. 

  1. With what parts of my faith do I feel comfortable and secure?
  2. With what parts of my faith do I feel uncomfortable and unsure?
  3. With what parts of my faith do I find very difficult to accept?

I’m sure each person will answer these questions differently. The point Father was making was that we need to accept all parts of our faith, even the hard ones.  The Catholic faith is not a buffet line where you can pick and choose only what you like.  You have to have some of everything.  For me, it would be much, much easier to just stay home on Saturday evening, or sleep in on Sunday Morning instead of getting myself up, ready, and going to church.  However, it is part of our faith – one of God’s commandments - that we go to Mass on Sunday.  When I have to force myself to go to church, I almost always leave very glad I went.  Along with a good experience, I don’t feel guilty about not going, I don’t have to make up an excuse as to why I didn’t go, and I certainly don’t need to add it to my examination of conscience before reconciliation.  Another way to look at it is just like an earthly parent, our heavenly Father gives us all aspects of our faith knowing what is good for us and not good for us.  Imagine if your parents or guardians never made you eat a vegetable, or go to bed at a reasonable hour. 

There are probably a number of people right now that are finding parts of our faith in the difficult category as the Church works through more of the continuing scandals that have struck us on not only the local level, but nationally, and globally as well. To these people, please remember that the Church itself did not do any of these things.  Human beings with their propensity to sin are the ones who did these things.  The Church, as Gods dwelling on earth, will provide the consolation and comfort that is being sought, not men.  This is another point that Fr. Camacho made.  He said that the church does not belong to the Pope, the Bishops or the priests.  It is our church, and the Pope, Bishops and priests are here to serve us.  Should they fail in their jobs, they should be the ones to leave not us.  So please, if you are considering leaving the Catholic Church, especially in light of recent events, don’t.  It is ours and up to us to maintain the faith as God intended and not let the sins of men deter us from that faith. 

May God continue to bless all of you and your families.


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