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Are my Sacraments still valid?

Anyone who has been following local news lately has more than likely been affected by the news surrounding our former pastor.

The topic that has come up more than others, and therefore the first topic in this blog, is a question on the Sacraments. If the priest or Deacon who administers the sacraments turns out to be a not-so-good person, is the sacrament still valid?  Does it still mean the same? 

To begin with, anyone who remembers learning the Baltimore Catechism can probably recite the definition of a sacrament word for word. Say it with me…….

                “A Sacrament is an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace.”

Secondly, anyone who had a father anything like mine was more than likely told (especially when caught using a butter knife for a screwdriver) to………

                “Use the right tool for the right job.”

When Christ chose his outward sign to give grace through our Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, and the rest – he chose the right tool for the job. The priest or Deacon at the time of the sacrament was the tool being used by Christ to give grace. 

So for example, Baptism…. The outward sign for our Baptism is water.  The priest or Deacon who performed the Baptism was the tool used to give grace.  The grace we received at our Baptisms was a gift from Christ, and the priest or Deacon was simply a means to an end. 

When a house is built, the framework is completed with a hammer. Should that hammer break before the next house can be built has absolutely no effect on the quality or sturdiness of the first house. 

Therefore, should the priest or deacon who administered a sacrament “break”, the sacrament received prior is still just as valid and grace-filled because it came from Christ himself.


  • Gene FadnessPosted on 6/04/18

    John, I could not agree more. I am always a bit puzzled when I hear people leave the church because of the actions of a priest or a fellow member. I don't want to diminish the pain, perhaps even betrayal that some people feel, but we are not Catholic because of any man or woman from pope on down to deacons, as low as you can go. We are Catholic because of Jesus; we are Catholic because of the Eucharist; we are Catholic because of priests who can give us sacraments of grace that lead us to holiness and eternal life. If we put our trust in the "arm of flesh" we shall always be disappointed. If we put our trust in God, we shall never be disappointed.

  • John LipareliPosted on 5/20/18

    I look at another side and issue due to the terrible acts committed by the sins of man. You see, I look at these priests as men and as man, they fell just like anyone else in our world. The problem is magnified by their position in society.
    Many have left or consider leaving the church due to this sin. I say, even our Lord had His moment of doubt and pain. One cannot forget the thousands of un-named priests who go about their commitment to God and us in their everyday duties. Leave the church? Never. It is like voting in America. Many times I don't vote because I believe both political parties are corrupt. However, I still love America.

  • Francis HarlowPosted on 5/14/18

    Thank you very much!



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