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All Saints Day

Posted by Monica Pittman on 10/30/18

Since All Saints day is coming up (Nov 1), I knew I wanted this blog to be about the Saints. However, my thoughts were quite jumbled and finding a good place to start was eluding me.  So, I looked up the Patron Saint of Writers.  It happens to be ... Read More »

Rosary Reconnaissance

Posted by Monica Pittman on 10/22/18

Pope Francis has asked us to pray the rosary daily during October asking Mary and St. Michael to intercede for the protection of the Church. We have so many prayers in our arsenal it’s no wonder the Holy See chose the most powerful and strongest weapon we have to ... Read More »

A Mass of Thanksgiving

Posted by Monica Pittman on 10/01/18

I was asked several years ago by an employee why I go to mass every week. My response was that it was a way to undo all the worries and trials of the previous week and start the new week fresh.  That has always been true and still is.  However, ... Read More »